WipeOut Security Tool


WipeOut for Desktop / Laptop

WipeOut for Desktop/Laptop

WipeOut is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive. It overwrites this data several times with carefully selected patterns, wiping the data correctly. You can drag and drop files and folders into the WipeOut Bin, use the windows Explorer to WipeOut the Files, or WipeOut the Recycle Bin..

Why use WipeOut as a corporation?

Confidentiality is the primary goal of people who handle sensitive data. When you permanently remove files they are all merely tagged for "being permanently removed" , but not actually permanently removed. This exposes an organization to a possible non-compliance with data disposal policies, as well as endangering the safety of personal information in cases where a computer is hacked, stolen, or simply repurposed after upgrading to a new machine. This system ensures that all data has been wiped properly and eliminates the possibility of an unwanted information leak. No longer do you have to worry about any information getting into the wrong hands! Using our WipeOut utility will insure that you remain compliant with all necessary data disposal policies within your corporation.

This product ensure your organization is meeting the standard put forth inthe NIST 800-88, 800-36 Guidelines for Computer Security