WipeOut for Desktop / Laptop / Server

WipeOut is an advanced data sanitization technology that allows organizations and individual data owners to completely and securely erase sensitive data from your hard drive and other form of storage devices.

It overwrites data with multiple passes of secure algorithms, wiping the data securely and permanently.

To make user experience simple and easy, WipeOut allows you to permanently erase your data with just one click.

  • Drag and drop files and folders into the WipeOut Bin
  • Use the windows Explorer context menu to WipeOut the Files


Use WipeOut to protect your sensitive data

In an era of rising cyberattacks, all the sensitive information such as customer data, intellectual property, source code, internal documents must be protected during all stage of data life cycle.

  • Traditional data erasure procedures, such as format and delete are known to have its own vulnerabilities. Data can still be recovered by those with malicious intent after getting unauthorized access.
  • Third party data sanitization procedures such as degaussing and physical destruction can lead to e-waste and in absence of strong due diligence with vendors, it can lead to data breaches.

When you use WipeOut

You comply with information security and privacy regulatory requirements. The sensitive data erasure assures you the “peace of mind”.

  • You have full control of your own data sanitization procedures for all your systems.
  • You can schedule removal of unnecessary data at regular intervals while using WipeOut data discovery tool.
  • Generate WipeOut data deletion certificate within seconds to use as evidence during your audits.