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About Us
We believe those who win will take a fundamentally different approach to business - one that is both dynamic and connected - where business models, brands, systems and processes are fully integrated across the organization.
Our vision is to help business makes these connections by demonstrating new ways of looking at relationships and bringing new levels of speed, connectivity and efficiency to every aspect of the enterprise.
:: Our Goal
To enhance the client's profitability through a win-win partnership. We are committed to making WipeOut Inc a de-facto model to be used by the software industry all over the world.
:: Our Values
Sell with a view towards building relationships. Emphasize accountability and results. Commit resources to build each account. Encourage employees to take risks and be adaptive and innovative to satisfy and retain clients.
:: Our Vision
Speed Rules. Companies come and go in no time, especially in the Internet industry. So how do we, not only survive, but also, thrive and flourish?
We believe that what determines the success and staying power of any company are its underlying values and beliefs. Everything else may change over time - the market, the people, the products and services. Only the values and beliefs have the potential to remain constant and make the company different and better in a lasting way.
Our core values and beliefs are the foundation of our company, the essential building blocks of the WipeOut Inc experience. Having them as the explicit foundation of the company gives us a framework. It establishes teamwork. It lets us move fast, with lots of individual autonomy, and still stay coordinated. It keeps us focused and keeps our eyes on the prize.
The core values and beliefs assure our customers that we will always deliver what we promise.
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