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Letter to Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton,

There are lot of Joes and Janes out there who still want you to be the next elected president of United States and make history as the first female president of this 300-year-old democracy! Unfortunately, you are not helping the cause.

Remember, you were the only one in the ring when this all started. Even today, there is a minority that still believes that you are the de facto candidate for the Democratic Party. Maybe it’s high time you face yourself in the mirror.

I hope the following point of view from an average Joe like me might help in turning the tide back in your favor if, that is, you are up for making some changes:


Right now, you are very low in standing in this crucial area, so much so that your name has become synonymous to untrustworthiness. Just saying sorry without owning the task is not helping you at all. It took you more than 60 days to own up to your wrong doing. Remember playing with words and how it affected Mr. Clinton? That is how we got George W. Bush in the White House. Haven’t we learned anything from the past?

Saying you are sorry should have happened on the first day the news broke regarding the email server issue. Better yet, you should have come clean when you knew about what you did regarding the emails. It was immoral from the average Joe’s point of view, and it does not matter if it was legal or not. You violated the all-important "trust" factor by abusing the system and again by playing with words when you were caught.

There are several reasons this issue is not going to easily go away, including:

1. There are a plethora of many emails that are now getting tagged as classified. In reality, this simply means that every single email could have been “classified”. Isn’t there a reason for government to have its separate system to handle sensitive information? Well, you were supposed to have the good and sound judgment that is required when you have such a crucial position in the government. You put your personal privacy above national security. Remember the silly comments you mande about wiping? Whether any of this proves to be illegal or not, to the average Joe, it’s proven beyond doubt that you cannot be trusted with nation’s security; and

2. So many people who reported to you, people you hired, are still not helping to bring an end to this case. Each time someone pleads the Fifth Amendment it just confirms the average Joe’s suspicion that there is lot more being hidden from us, your public. Translation: I cannot trust this person and/or her team! If you are really sorry from your heart, then own the mistake and fix it. This means having every staff member, lawyer, vendor and anyone involved come clean and resolve this once and for all. We want and need to believe that you feel truly sorry, that you have learned your lesson and that this would undoubtedly never happen again, under any circumstance.


All your campaigns messages are still run with the assumption that this nomination is yours and yours alone; that you are entitled to it. While some people may like that fact that you have experience and deserve to have the post, it does not give you permission to abuse it. We all still expect you to have a little respect for the process and show that you care; show that you feel privileged to be the “chosen one.” Stop bragging and be appreciative, which will go a long way. I even hazard to say it would put the brakes on others progressing in polls. Otherwise, the only thing you will be entitled to is another humiliating loss to other unknown candidates, who are all running their campaigns based on the fact that running for presidency is a privilege society gave them, and they appreciate it.


I encourage you to review you’re your own clips as if you watching a competitor.– The way you appear on interviews, your own advertisements, news clips, etc.; tell me honestly, do you believe that you come across as someone who is honestly speaking from her heart? Absolutely not! So, may I humbly suggest one thing to you – stop listening to your team of experts! Stop being so worried and conscious of how you may come across. It’s what is inside of you that matters the most, more than anything else. If you honestly believe in your core, down in your bones that you should be the next; president, then let that passion, caring and sincerity reflect in every interview and forum in which you appear.

As history has often proven, all I said will be wasted if you have not learned from previous actions. But, if you have learned and can recover, rebuild trust and create an atmosphere of honesty while positively and effectively using your previous experience - you will make history!

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© 2015 Sanjeev Dahiwadkar

CEO & President, WipeOut Inc.

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