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From where I can find the WipeOut mobile application to download?
WipeOut mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play Store by putting keyword 'WipeOut security tool' to the search bar.The direct link can be accessed from here too https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wipeoutinc.wipeout&hl=en
Is WipeOut mobile application is free?
Yes, WipeOut App can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.
Do I need to pay charges to register WipeOut mobile application?
Yes, the license registration charges on annual basis needs to keep the application activated. This can be initiated from http://wipeoutinc.us/index.php.
Do I need to register WipeOut ?
Yes, it is one time registration, Once you register yourself for WipeOut, you'll get license key for fixed period of one year.
What will happen if I don't change any settings in options?
That should be fine. WipeOut is provided with default setting for WipeOut app to function, so that even if you don't change app settings, you will be able to use WipeOut app.
Is it necessary to run WipeOut whenever I want to WipeOut file/folder?
Yes, from device security perspective you will have to access the app with valid credentials to be able to use it. You can WipeOut file/folder/Storage cards from and only from WipeOut application.
Is there any way(any hard/soft copy of agreement from WipeOut) to prove that I have WipeOut license?
Yes, there is such provision from WipeOut. At the time of activation WipeOut sends you an email with your registration key with an attached PDF file. You can take a print of that PDF file as a proof of license.
What if my password doesn't work?
Password is provided only to authorized person, in case for any reason you need any help with password, you can write to WipeOut Support Team @ Support@wipeoutinc.us
How can I permanently remove all my important files instantly all together in just one click?
You can permanently remove your important files all together in just one click using the Rescue Me feature. But before using this feature, the path of all the file/s to be WipeOut should be predefined in the Settings-Options->Rescue Me tab of the application. Once this is done, you can WipeOut all those files in one click as and when required.
How do I renew my WipeOut license?
As the WipeOut product expiry nears, you will receive an email reminding you about the same. To renew the WipeOut license, click on the link provided in the email to activate and then you will be directed to the Paypal screen. Once you have made the payment, you will receive the activation key by email.
What will happen if my device is lost/stolen, Can request to wipe data from my lost/stolen device ?
Yes, if you are authorized WipeOut user and your device is lost/stolen you can contact WipeOut Support Team @ Support@wipeoutinc.us and request to wipe data from your lost/stolen device. If your device is traceable, WipeOut support team shall process your request to wipe data from your lost/stolen request and as soon as the process is complete you will be notified by registered email id.
What will happen, when I remotely gave WipeOut command to my registered stolen device?
Whenever the the device is detected by service, you will be informed by an email about the detection. The WipeOut process starts immediately after detection and it Wipes out all the internal and external storage memory of the stolen device. Hence the data will be safe instead of getting into wrong hands.
What will happen then?
When the remote WipeOut process completes, you will receive email from WipeOut support for successful data wipe as well as the detected last location on the device. So the you can track the device. Also the WipeOut app will automatically uninstalled from the device after wiping out the device.
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