WipeOut Inc.
Wipeout for Smartphone / Tablet
Wipeout for Smartphone/Tablet
WipeOut application is an advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your devices (Mobile/Tab). It overwrites this data several times with carefully selected patterns, destroying the data correctly. WipeOut have its proprietary approach to remove files/directory from device permanently which assures guaranteed deletion. WipeOut wipes out any kind of file / folder and no recovery tool can find it and even if find it will be in garbled form. WipeOut application is user friendly application which confirms every action with user before executing it. Remote WipeOut is another feature of the application for the stolen devices to prevent data to get in wrong hands as well as the last location of the device detected will be informed to the device owner.
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NAID Vendor

National Institute of Standards and Technology
This product ensure your organization is meeting the standard put forth in the NIST 800-88 & 800-36 Guidelines for Computer Security
Dell Technology Partner
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