Healthcare's Lost and Stolen Computer Epidemic
April 4, 2015

The healthcare sector was rocked in early 2015 with news of the two mega breaches Anthem and Premera Blue Cross. In these data breaches, hackers were able to carry out sophisticated cyber-attacks against their networks. This new-school method of cyber-attack is very effective, and in these two breaches alone over 90 million customer personal records were compromised. However, there is still an old-school threat that looms in the healthcare sector, the old-fashioned stolen or lost computer.

"According to a recent healthcare industry survey by Bitglass, 68 percent of healthcare security breaches were due to the loss or theft of mobile devices or files, 48 percent of data lost was on a laptop, desktop computer or mobile device, and only 23 percent of the breaches resulted from hacking not connected directly to the loss or theft of a mobile device," said Ramesh Devare, COO of RxOffice.

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